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BP Facing PR Worries

This article was rather funny for a couple reasons… Not long ago BP announced as a part of its “going green” initiative, that it would be using double layered tankers to ensure that no oil spills occur. They hailed it in commercials as a huge step and benefit for their consumers, that they were taking precautions to ensure a greener tomorrow!

What they didn’t tell the public is that the federal government had already passed laws to REQUIRE ALL tankers to be double tanked. And now here we have BP spilling oil into the ocean, not from a tanker, but from the, albeit tragic, accident on an oil rig. While I don’t like the fact that a number of people died, or that oil is now killing off wildlife in the ocean, I don’t mind that BP’s reputation will be tarnished from this.
I wonder what their representative will spin for this.

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