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Topic of the Week 16

Blogging Tips

1. Keep up with it!!!!!!
2. Be interested in the subject, or learn to like it. It’s hell to try and post when you don’t really care.
3. Comment, comment, comment, or you’ll never have friends.
4. Use proper grammar and spelling! And for the love of God use paragraphs!
5. Don’t say anything about anyone you wouldn’t want them hearing.
6. Hook up your blog to other networking sites to generate traffic.
7. Blogs are not Twitter. If you can’t make a paragraph out of what you have to say, don’t say it.
8. Read other people’s blogs. Find out what catches people’s attention and how people write for blogs.
9. Don’t reveal personal information. Creepers are everywhere.
10. Use lots of images, video, hyperlinks, media. People are visual and get bored easily.

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