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Topic of the Week 13

Ways to Drive Journalists Nuts, and Ways to stop it:

1. Don’t use AP Style; the longer a journalist has to spend fixing your posts, the more angry they’ll soon become. Obviously the way to solve this one is to use AP style!
2. Don’t send an embargo to a journalist you don’t know; journalists apparently hate embargos. Embargos are agreements between journalists and PR practicioners. Use For Immediate Release instead, or get to know the Journalist.
3. Don’t send lots of fluff, but no substance. A journalist can’t work with nothing; fruit baskets and pretty PR kits are nice, but only a story makes the front page.
4. Send a journalist only an advertisement, rather than an article. Well just don’t send the journalist an ad, send them a story.
5. Don’t use proper News Release formats. A journalist will hate you if they can’t understand your news release, and your content might not come out right. Take a PR class with Professor Nixon and learn a thing or two to fix this problem!
6. Don’t bring up your company every time you and the journalist gets together. Nobody likes a walking PR machine. If you’re building a relationship, be casual, don’t pitch at every opportunity!
7. Don’t contact them incessantly! Give the journalist some space. If your stuff isn’t printed, it was probably no good, so write something worth printing and be courteous.
8. Don’t forget to include contact information. Always ensure that the journalist CAN get in touch with you if need be!
9. Don’t bribe the journalist. Most journalists have a code of ethics to report unbiased, so let them do their job.
10. Don’t beg the journalist to hear you out and print your stories; that’s just pathetic. The solution is simple: don’t beg, just write a better story.

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