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Twitter’s Fourth Year of Failing

It is interesting that I don’t actually recall when Twitter first started, but apparently it was over 4 years ago this week.  My experience with Twitter was recorded in another blog post, but I found it quite interesting that there were many skeptics in the industry present for its birthday.  I watched an old news clip on PR Open Mic, and found it rather hilarious to read the reaction it got, some professionals even calling users “twits”.

The reporter of the segment asked a question:” Do we really need to know what people are doing in their daily lives in 140 characters or less?”

The news anchor answered with a resounding “NO”, and I tend to take her side.  I really don’t care much what anyone, even my closest friends, are having for breakfast, if they’re going to the gym, or combing their dog for fleas.  To be blunt, honestly, no-one is THAT interesting…

Suffice it to say, I did try to get back to Twitter; gave it another go on a private account with friends, but the system was bogged down each time I tried to get on.  Coincidence?  Nevertheless, I love(d) seeing the Fail Whale, it’s hilarious. 😀

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  1. April 10, 2010 at 7:12 pm

    Aww. Come on! Twitter is great. You just have to follow people that know how to use it. Yes it’s true that no one wants a step-by-step feed on what someone has done during their entire day, but Twitter brings much valuable information that might be of interest to you. If you follow professionals that work in the career that you would like to work in, you can learn lots from them and even be let it on an internship opening that could drastically affect your experience that will positively influence your career. Twitter can be life changing. When I first started using it, I just saw it as a Facebook with only status updates but it’s much more than that. You can use it to alert people that you have added a new blog post or use Foursquare to tell people of a neat place to eat, etc. There are so many possibilities and of the few that I have discovered, I am highly satisfied. It’s also great for reminders of assignments due in class or getting explanations on classwork from your peers. It’s also great to use in the classroom! I hope that you can give Twitter another chance and learn to enjoy it in the future. 😀

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