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Topic of the Week 6, Newsworthiness.

What makes a story newsworthy?

The book detailed a number of interesting suggestions for making things “newsworthy”.  For one, a story must be timely.  It is called “news” after all, and whether it be days or decades, some stories will lose their significance after a while.  Sometimes a new product or happening can also serve as an attractive article.

The main subject should be prominent. A big figure, celebrity, or other public figure always attracts an audience, but so can important or groundbreaking events.  These add to the significance of the event, which is how important the event is.  Proximity is an important aspect that can affect a story’s significance.  What is important to a small town is not important to a large city, especially if it’s in another state. If a story is unusual enough, that can often merit its own significance; consider the recurring stories of the pregnant men.

Stories of human interest, that tug at the emotions of the population are almost always successful, especially if there is a conflict involved; people love drama.

These are all attributes that serve to make a news story.  The book also outlines a number of events that can generally be used to make “news”:  Awards, rallies or protests, personal appearances, product demonstrations, stunts, “Top 10” lists, Polls or Surveys, contests, or special events, but in each of these you can find the attributes listed above coming into play to make each of those ideas newsworthy.

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