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Chapter 4 Reading Notes

Key Words:

Publicity – coverage of news or information

Publicist – the writer.

Effective Publicists:

1) Uphold traditional journalistic values.

2) Know where to find news and can pick a good angle.

3) Are problem solvers.  Can come up with publicity tactics to break through the competition.

4 Obstacles:

1) Media Gatekeepers – People who control the outlets of media.

2) Shrinking News Hole – Magazines and Newspapers are going out.

3) Media is Fragmented – There is no longer one “magic bullet” of media distribution.

4) Information Overload – There is a LOT of information to compete with.

Things to Keep in Mind:

Time is of the Essence

Prominence is important

Proximity can make or break a story

Significance is key

Unusualness can attract an audience

Human Interest – stories that involve things which tug at people’s base emotions

Conflict is always interesting

Newness – They call it “news” for a reasoning.

Taken From:

PR Book

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