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Who’s who?

To whom may it concern,

At least, that was the topic of Grammar Girl’s December 11th, 2009 episode, exploring the advanced proper usages of “Who” and “Whom”.  According to the podcast, though there had been multiple episodes concerning “Who” and “Whom” in the past, the topic was still causing her readers and listeners trouble, and I can’t say I’m a master of these two words either.

In my writing I’ve tended to use the words “Who” or “Whom” based on a blind, almost gut instinct of which word I feel fits the sentence, and in most cases I think I do fairly well.  I say blind however because I’m not sure I know the reasoning behind my uses, or at least, I don’t recall them.

As unfortunate as it is however, the podcast didn’t help me resolve my issue much.  Being that I haven’t taken an English course which focuses on grammar for several years, explaining the usage of “who” or “whom” with the words “predicate” and “object”, though it may have rang some bells, went largely right over my head.  Grammar Girl (Mignon Fogarty) did a great job of explaining the usage in those terms however, and for someone knee deep in grammatical studies, I’m sure it would be a great benefit.

It also seemed to go a bit too fast, and I found myself pausing and re-listening to portions frequently.  The intangibility of the words she spoke made it difficult to follow along, and I found I understood best when I read some of the excerpts posted on the webpage as she spoke them.  If I learned anything from the podcast, it’s that I’m a very literal learner, which is quite surprising to me. Luckily for me however, Grammar Girl also posts written blogs explaining some of these concepts along with her podcasts.

At least in the future I’ll know not to just listen to something and expect to understand it.

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